Bar lounge in downtown Basel

Lounge Bar in Basel City Center · The Passage

The Patio

The Passage hotel in downtown Basel is a blend of tranquil ambiance and modern flair. The décor has urban designer character, while the inner courtyard is a hushed setting for quiet moments away from the bustle of city center. An airy, relaxing cocoon for some private time or a low-key get-together.

A soothing urban oasis, our 4-stat hotel offers a welcoming patio, where you can share a drink and a snack with friends. For shelter in inclement weather, try the terrace, with an intimate, friendly atmosphere.

Lounge Bar in Basel City Center · The Passage

The bar

The Passage’s hotel bar is a great place to meet and relax downtown anytime. It is a cozy, intimate place, with a modern, trendy ambiance that will instantly enchant you. Enjoy the beverage of your choice, for the bar has a broad selection of soft drinks, cocktails, spirits, coffee, tea, and more. And if you need a quick snack, your beverage can be served with a plate of tapas and other tasty appetizers.

The beverage of your choice and delicious finger food make a delightful combination for unwinding at day’s end with friends, coworkers, or family.

Lounge Bar in Basel City Center · The Passage

An intimate, friendly atmosphere.